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Average Woman Spends Five Hours A Week Taking Selfies

By Sarah Carroll It sounds like a headline from The Onion, but we’ll admit it. We’re absolutely guilty of taking a selfie or two…or five, but according to a new study, this 21st century epidemic […]



Study Confirms Traffic Is Getting Worse In Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES ( — A study confirms . . . once again, that traffic is getting worse in Los Angeles. Commuters worldwide spend about 168 hours — or one week — sitting in traffic every year, according to […]


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Study: People Can’t Survive, Think Properly Without Their iPhones

By Nadia Noir This is a hypothetical conversation that comes up at the dinner table of many a 30-something: Can you survive without your phone? Most answer “yes” because we’re in that special age-group that […]


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Males That Enjoy Spicy Food Have Higher Testosterone

By Jordy Altman Make way! Hot stuff coming through! Do you enjoy tossing some extra chili flakes on your pizza? Maybe a few extra dashes of Tabasco over your chicken? What about cayenne in your […]


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Study: High Heels Hold ‘Powerful Effect’ Over Men

Paris (AP) – The well-heeled Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” The allure of high-heeled shoes is no secret among women, who have used them […]


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Traffic Study Reveals Days, Freeways With Worst Congestion

UNIVERSAL CITY ( — If you think your commute is worse on some days, it’s not your imagination. A new study reveals the days and times that have the most congested traffic. According to researchers, […]


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Rutgers Study Says Training Might Enable Babies To Learn To Speak Earlier In Life

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ (CBS) – Can babies be taught to speak earlier in life? Maybe, according to new research from Rutgers University. The study, which was conducted by April Benasich and published in the Oct. […]


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Study: Despite The Head-tilt, Your Dog Doesn’t Care What You Have To Say

By Chelsea Karnash PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Your dog has something to tell you: Less talking, more petting. That’s right. Your (undoubtedly adorable) pooch has little to no interest in your constant goo-goo gah-gah talk. What […]


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Los Angeles Is Allegedly One Of The Nation’s Least Friendly Cities

By Nadia Noir Los Angeles has amazing weather, diversely gorgeous landscapes, and some of the most glamorous people in the world. But according to a Conde Nast Traveler’s Reader Choice survey, it’s one of the […]


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Study Says Wealthier Countries Listen To More Metal

By Nadia Noir Maybe it’s because they sold their soul to the devil, but apparently heshers not only have better hair than other rock and roll lovers—they make more money, too. At least that’s the […]