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SoCal Researcher Comes Up With Cure For Drunken Stupidity

What kind of drunk are you? The aggro one? The sad one? The sleeps with everyone one? The stupid one? If you said no to the last one, don’t lie to yourself. Everyone after a […]


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Study Shows That Marijuana The Cause Of Decline In Youth Crime. Kinda.

  Where have all the bad kids gone? These days it’s all about adult hoarders covered in dead cats and adult’s eating faces while on balt salts. Sure, we have little creeps like 12-year-old Steven […]


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Study Finds Rock Music Makes Us Act Like Animals, Literally

Maybe it’s not just Zack de la Rocha’s lyrics that provoke Rage Against The Machine fans to incite riots. A recent study shows that it’s now looking like Tom Morello’s screeching guitars could be to blame for making us angry.