Watch Superman Take A Tour Of Los Angeles In New Go Pro Video

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly over Los Angeles like a superhero? In this new video posted to CorridorDigital’s YouTube page, Superman finds a Go Pro that belongs to a […]


Comic Con San Diego (Tim Mudd/CBS Radio)

Captain America’s Harley, Sony’s PS4 And Jack White’s ‘Action’ Among Comic-Con Highlights

Comic Con attendees can expect immersion into the pop culture world outside of the convention center. But what about inside? Convention attendees get sensory overload from the sheer magnitude of games, movies, toys, comics and more.


[June 1st] This Day In History

A critical rock album is released. An unconventional Political Activist leaves. This iconic superhero makes his debut.


Bam! Pow! Ka-Ching! Batman Knocks Out Superman

  After holding the title for highest price ever paid for a comic book for only three short days, Superman gets cold-cocked by Batman.