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“Hammered” Charlie Sheen Chats With Fan At Local Taco Bell Drive-Thru

By Nadia Noir In what could easily be a guerilla viral video for Taco Bell, home of the fourth and fifth meals, Charlie Sheen shows up in the drive-thru of a local Taco Bell and […]


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You’ve Likely Eaten Here, But Have You Tried The Secret Menu?

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — You probably know the offerings at your favorite fast-food joints inside and out, but did you know that many of them have a secret menu? In-N-Out Burger was one of the […]


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Taco Bell Taste Testing Quesadilla With Flamin’ Hot Fritos Dip In Bakersfield

By Nadia Noir Literally all the grossest albeit most amazing things come out of Taco Bell like the Breakfast Waffle Taco and more. But their newest invention sounds likes the resturaunt has partnered with Tums […]


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Taco Bell’s New Breakfast Menu Will Include Waffle Tacos

By Nadia Noir Start working out and get all your vital organs ready: Taco Bell is unleashing their “fifth meal.” Yes, that’s right. Lunch, lunch, dinner, and hangover food at 2am isn’t enough. Now the […]


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Taco Bell To Expand Test Of Waffle Taco, Breakfast

IRVINE (AP) — Irvine-based Taco Bell says it’s expanding its small test of waffle tacos, as it prepares to take its breakfast menu national sometime next year. The fast-food chain says the waffle taco, which […]


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Taco Bell To Stop Serving Kids Meals

Taco Bell is become an adult-establishment. We don’t know if that means some Triple X-rated gorditas soon or a focus on some stony fourth meals, but they won’t be serving kids meals any longer. Which  […]


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This Now Exists: Taco Bell’s Waffle Taco. Would You Try It?

The Waffle Taco. Does the name intrigue or disgust you? That’s what Taco Bell wants to find out. And what exactly is the Waffle Taco? Just what it sounds like: a taco, but with a […]

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Doritos Announces Doritos Locos Tacos Doritos…Say That Ten Times Fast

Are you ready for the snack food revolution? No, it’s not about only putting out healthy food to make headway on the obesity epidemic in our country or for marijuana distributors to include coupons to […]


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Taco Bell Unleashing Cool Ranch Doritos Tacos This Thursday

Does the idea of a Cool Ranch Doritos taco make you run for the border? Well, good. Let the rest of us enjoy the ranch-y, salty, meaty-ish flavor of one of these crunchy little wonders […]


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8 Super Bowl Commercials That Rocked

A 30-second commercial during Super Bowl XLVII ran advertisers in the neighborhood of $4,000,000 reported CNN Money in January. Of the dozens of new spots that aired yesterday, there are a few  worth highlighting based […]