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5 Rock Bands That Hit The TV Commercial Jackpot In 2012

Combining popular music with TV commercials is nothing new. Even the venerable Rolling Stones once famously penned an original tune for a Rice Krispies ad back in 1963. Over the past decade, high-profile television commercials […]



Old Spice Vs. Taco Bell: Let The Spicy Games Begin

While Old Spice has its own idea of spice, they have strongly opposed the fiery spice that Taco Bell has to offer. Vice-versa with Taco Bell, as the heated (pun intended) Twitter war rolls on. […]


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Pat Sajak and Vanna White Spin For Margaritas During Wheel Of Fortune

_UMBO LIME M_RG_RIT_? * Sources close to Jack FM have told us that back in the day, Pat Sajak and Ms. Vanna White used to drunkenly host Wheel of Fortune after booze-fueled dinner breaks.


It’s Free Taco Day! Sound The Alarm!

Leave it to JACK FM to bring you the best in FREE STUFF. What’s on today’s menu? A FREE crunchy seasoned beef taco from Taco Bell. You may be asking yourself… “Hey, why would Taco […]