[JACK’s Tattoo Madness] Best Sleeve Tattoos

A tattooed sleeve takes dedication. The wrap-around art, the attention to detail, the long-sleeve shirts when your grandma is around… it’s tough out there. Behold some of JACK’s favorite sleeve tattoos that almost made the […]


Last Year’s Winner… COUGAR MADNESS – JEWEL

Think those tattoos are good lookin’? Let’s motorboat down memory lane to last year’s big event…


Best Motorcycle FAILS

“What not to do with your 2011 Harley Davidson Fatboy.” When it comes to crashes, falls and spin-outs, JACK FM knows only the best motorcycle fails make it onto the internet. Here are some our […]


[JACK’s Tattoo Madness] Cast Your Vote For The FANCY FLESH FOUR!!

JACK’S TATTOO MADNESS! JACK’S TATTOO MADNESS! JACK’S TATTOO MADNESS! Now we’re down to FOUR of the best tattoos for you to vote on. THE FINAL ROUND begins NOW!


[JACK’s Tattoo Madness] The Final Event!

JACK’s Tattoo Madness is down to four… Get your vote in before it’s too late! The owner of the best tattoo will ride off atop a Harley Davidson Fatboy… be sure to catch our Final […]


[JACK’s Tattoo Madness] USA! USA! USA!



[JACK’s Tattoo Madness] Hot Tattooed Female Celebs Part 2

Is there anything better than a famous chick with a star tattoo? Yes, probably. But here another two dozen photos of sexy ladies showing off their tattoos for your viewing pleasure.


[JACK’s Tattoo Madness] What Would Your Mother Say?

It’s a terrible stereotype, but it may be the truest of them all… Your mom hates your tattoo. JACK does its best to channel Big Momma and chide you for tattooing that ink thing on […]


Behind the Tattoo: Kate Tellier of Laguna Hills

Kate Tellier of Laguna Hills didn’t QUITE make the field of 64 for Jack’s Tattoo Madness but that’s not going to stop Dr. Cranfill from highlighting her and her ink in this installment of BEHIND THE […]


[JACK’s Tattoo Madness] Best/Worst Tramp Stamp

It was inevitable… the TRAMP STAMP is a staple of the tattoo community. It wouldn’t be a contest without a dozen of these. We all know the lady (or dude) who has the mark, but […]