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Tax Day 2015: Freebies & Discounts

It’s that time of the year again – Tax Day! Whether your receiving a nice refund or have to pay up this year, many companies are giving tax payers a break by offering special freebies […]


Tax Preparers Help Last Minute Filers Ahead Of Income Tax Deadline

Tax Day 2014: Freebies & Discounts

By Britt Bickel It’s tax day! To help ease Americans through the grueling process of filing income taxes, a few companies are offering their own incentives to make tax day less of a headache. So […]


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IRS Says Michael Jackson’s Estate Owes More Than $702M

By Nadia Noir Michael Jackson‘s estate has “gotta be startin’ something” and that’s either a) paying back $702M in taxes or b) contesting that outrageously large estimate. According to the LA Times (via LAist), the […]


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What Are You Doing With Your Tax Refund? The Moonglight Bunny Ranch Wants You To Spend It On Their ‘Stimulus Program’

If you are like millions of Americans that wait until the last minute to do their taxes and then therefore wait forever to get their measly refunds back, you might wanna hurry it up this […]


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Medicinal Marijuana Dispensaries Tax Rates Are Like Super High Man

It ain’t easy being green. That’s what owners of medicinal marijuana dispensaries are finding out, but probably not for the reasons you think. And it’s, like, a bummer man, a real bummer. Let’s rewind to […]


Celebrity Tax Offenders: Nic Cage, Willie Nelson & More

There are only two certainties in life…taxes and the inability of celebrities to pay them. As you’re you’ve hopefully just finished your tax return, take heart that your tax problems cannot possibly begin to compete […]