STORAGE WARS Hidden Treasure Clue Day 1

Dr. Cranfill has your clues to win the A&E Storage Wars storage unit, packed with hidden treasure. Can you figure it all out and be the ultimate winner? There’s only one way to win…


Sorry, But We Do Not Know Nick Cannon

Lately we’ve had a high volume of comments from our listeners attempting to get in touch with Nick Cannon. We’re not sure how this mix-up began, but we’d like to take this opportunity to clear […]


Michael Jackson and Bubbles: The Untold Story (or A Pop Icon Plays with His Monkey)

Behold, The King of Pop. There is no denying that [lastfm]Michael Jackson [/lastfm]changed Pop Music for the better, chaining together beats unheard of with dance grooves deep enough to shake a nunnery. As his life […]


Meet the Man of Your Dreams at Jack’s Fifth Show

Are you a Lonely Lucy looking for Love? Look no more, JACK enthusiast, for we have found the only way to date!


CONAN to return to TBS on November 08, 2010!

Conan, is that really you? We feel like it’s been years! The agony of painstakingly twiddling our thumbs as we await for your return to the idiot box has finally been lifted. Conan, we are […]


CBGB’s Future Hangs in the Balance — Again

Legendary music venue CBGB opened its doors in NYC’s Meatpacking District 37 years ago in 1973. It is considered by many to be the birthplace of punk rock music in America, where bands such as […]


A Good Old Fashioned Hungarian Beating

On American television, The Jerry Springer Show has become synonymous with ass-beatings.  In the beginning they were a sight to see, but by the end of the show they were tired and sad.  Thanks to […]




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