thanksgiving 2011

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The Best Turkey Attacks Caught On Tape!

From the Jack FM archives, we present to you…TURKEY ATTACKS CAUGHT ON TAPE! Doesn’t everyone just wish that their turkey was as cool as “Gobbles the trick performing turkey?” Well, unfortunately, turkeys hate us for […]


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Huh? Whazat? Damn You, Tryptophan!

Has the Playing What We Want machine been on this whole time? Why didn’t anybody wake us up?! Damn you. tryptophan!


Gobbling turkeys can be heard a mile away on a quiet day.

Holiday Shmoliday: Top Songs To Get You Through Awkward Family Holiday Time

Oh the holidays, a time for giving, eating, and spreading joy…also quite often a time for awkwardness, stress, and being forced to eat food made by relatives who, in some cases, should not be cooking. […]


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Dr. Cranfill’s Thanksgiving Day NFL Football Picks!!!

Well. 2-2 last week aint bad but it’s not much of a bull market either. This is Thanksgiving week and either way, we’re all winners but lets see if we can’t add copious amounts of […]



Best Thanksgiving Specials To Counteract Those Awkward Family Moments

Every family has at least one creepy uncle, a crazy aunt who talks about nothing but her 15 cats, a silent Grandma who’s dying to well…. die, or a grandfather whose expectation you will never […]


Thanksgiving TV schedule

Your Thanksgiving Day Guide to Choice Television

Because the pilgrims defeated the indians at the Alamo, now we get to lay around all Thanksgiving Day and stuff our face. And watch a ton of TV. But it’s not JUST foosball. Check out […]