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Best Bars Open On Thanksgiving In LA

After spending quality time with your relatives on Thanksgiving Day, you may want to hit the streets to check out some of the more interesting bars that will be open on this national holiday. Most […]


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Why Was Joan Jett Kicked Off A Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Float?

Probably the most antiquated Thanksgiving tradition that still exists, the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade is one of those things that old people and toddlers like to watch to distract themselves from their petulant family members and […]


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Why Is Arlo Guthrie’s ‘Alice’s Restaurant’ a Thanksgiving Anthem?

Guthrie famously tells the story of a littering incident between him and a police officer, and its effect on his status when trying to enter the Vietnam War through the draft. The incident happened on Thanksgiving Day, according to Guthrie, and part of the song involves his Thanksgiving dinner with Alice and his friends.



Get Stuffed With This Thanksgiving Day Playlist

Too bad. You can’t drown our your mother incessantly whining at your father or your siblings fighting at the dinner table about something that happened in high school with gravy, but you might be able […]


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Santa’s Stuffing Stockings A Little Early This Year Via Pantless Man

Ho-ho-ho and Merry Chrismakkuh! Santa is starting a little early this year, only he’s masquerading under the moniker and visage of a loony tunes 60-year-old man from Indiana named Timothy Stephens who broke into someone’s […]



JACK FM Staff Members Give Thanks. Well, The Staff That Members That Are Actually Here Give Thanks

With Thanksgiving nearly upon us, we here at JACK FM thought we would take a second to reflect and talk about what we’re thankful for. Join our very own Dr. Cranfill as we take a […]


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How To Make The Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner

It’s crunch-time (so to speak) if you’re cooking for Thanksgiving, and if you’re new to hosting, we’ve provided some links for you to help make your big dinner one to remember.


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Going Home For The Holidays? Hope You Aren’t At One Of These Awful Airports!

Traveling during the holidays is about as exciting to us as standing in line for three hours to get on a rollercoaster that lasts 45 seconds, but makes us feel like puking for at least […]


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Don’t Watch This Video, Especially Not At The End Where She Raps Into A Turkey Leg

There are things to be thankful for like running water, bacon, sleep, cuddling with bacon while we sleep, listening to JACK FM, not listening to JACK FM, not taking requests, being lazy, drinking, breathing, eating […]



Best Thanksgiving Specials To Counteract Those Awkward Family Moments

Every family has at least one creepy uncle, a crazy aunt who talks about nothing but her 15 cats, a silent Grandma who’s dying to well…. die, or a grandfather whose expectation you will never […]





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