The Cult

JACK’s 5th Show: The Cult Makes Dark, Mysterious Love To Jack’s 5th Show

Unquestionably one of the bigger draws of the night, [lastfm]The Cult[/lastfm] packed the seats at Jack’s 5th Show for a night of shadowy goth-rock complete with a sheath of swirling smoke, spellbinding lights and a commanding […]


JACK’s 5th Show: JACK’s Show Artists Best Fashion Disasters

When it comes to rock stars and fashion, they have their own set of rules. It’s their charisma and talent that makes them shine, not over-priced designer clothes. And yet, there are some clothes that […]


Six of Seven: Specialty Drinks for Jack’s Fifth Show

Only two more days until Jack’s Fifth Show… All we have to do is get through today… Thursday… uhnn…. Here at the office, Thursday is close enough to Friday to be considered the weekend. While […]


Jack’s 5th Show: Dance/Hip-Hop Remixes of 5th Show Artists

Ooonce. Ooonce. Ooonce. Fist pumping in the air. Vodka and RedBull in your hand. While your day-to-day persona may be that of rock dude extraordinaire, it’s ok to admit to the world that you’ve twirled a glow-stick or […]


The Cult’s Ian Astbury Teaming Up With Japenese Drone Metalists, Boris

By now you’ve snatched up tickets for Jack’s Fifth Show — and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for fool! — and the show day is quickly approaching, which means we get to wallow in […]



We know you’ve been on the edge of your seat and unable to sleep anticipating who will be at Jack’s Fifth Show. Well no more waiting.  Find out who’s performing and all the details after […]


Jack’s Fifth Show Artist Spotlight: The Cult

In the land where punk and anarchy reigned supreme with the defiant “antichrists” of the [lastfm]Sex Pistols[/lastfm] and “rebel yells” from [lastfm]Billy Idol[/lastfm], there emerged another generation of unruly youths in [lastfm]The Cult[/lastfm] who used […]


Ask Tami, What’s That Song? “Not Sure Of The Lyrics”

Hello Tami, There was a song played yesterday at the top of the 5 pm hour. It sounded like an 80’s rock band. I’m not to sure on some of the lyrics. Thanks for your […]