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Marge & Homer Simpson Are Not Separating, Or So They Say

Even Lena Dunham can’t get between Marge and Homer Simpson. Not for any length of time, anyway. In a new video clip, Marge addresses the “baseless rumors” that their marriage is anything less than forever. So baseless, it seems, […]


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#Jacks10thShow: 14 Things That Happened In 1990

By Nadia Noir Jack’s 10th Show is in 10 days…(yep, time flies when you’re making puns). Since most of the bands playing got super popular in the ’90s, we’re going to dedicate the next ten […]


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Homer and Marge Simpson Legally Separate, Lena Dunham Is the Other Woman

Simpsons’ executive producer Al Jean also revealed upcoming appearances by Natalie Maines, Sideshow Bob and a ‘Boyhood’ spoof.


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Homer And Marge Will “Legally Separate” On The Simpsons

By Britt Bickel D’oh! Say it isn’t so! Homer and Marge Simpson are splitting up in an upcoming episode of The Simpsons. According to executive producer Al Jean, Homer and Marge will “legally separate” in […]


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Sideshow Bob Will Finally Kill Bart Simpson

After years of the ultimate cat and mouse game,Sideshow Bob will get his revenge on Bart Simpsonthis fall. Entertainment Weekly reports that Sideshow Bob will finally kill Bart in The Simpsons upcoming Treehouse of Horror […]


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Relax, ‘The Simpsons’ Will Not Kill Off Mr. Burns or Flanders (Phew)

Harry Shearer, the voice of these and other characters, has left The Simpsons, but according to showrunner Al Jean, there is ‘no plan’ to kill them off.


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Scientist Says Homer Simpson Predicted Mass Of The “God Particle”

A new book released on the math featured in the popular cartoon series draws attention to an equation shown in an episode from the late ’90s.


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Physicist Claims Homer Simpson Discovered God Particle Decade Before Scientists Did

LAS VEGAS (CBS Las Vegas) — At first glance a scene from a 1998 episode of The Simpsons may not seem like anything particularly notable, but a closer look suggests Homer Simpson may have predicted the mass of the […]


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10 Best TV Shows Of The 1990’s

It’s no surprise that the 90’s turned out some of the best tv watching the 20th Century had to offer. From Seinfeld to Saved By The Bell to Dawson’s Creek and 90210, we watched a […]


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Watch ‘The Simpsons’ Opening in 8-Bit

Fans of ‘The Simpsons’ will enjoy this re-worked intro of the massively popular TV show, all done in 8-bit. This almost makes you feel like you’re back in the early 90s playing The Simpsons game at […]