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The cast of HBO show 'Girls' (Jessica Miglio/courtesy of HBO)

YouTube User Composes Amazing New Theme Songs for Popular TV Shows

Listen to alternate theme songs for some of your favorite TV shows that are pretty, pretty good.


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Stream Every Episode Of The Simpsons – Anytime, Anywhere!

By Caitlyn Trudnich Get ready to have a cow, man!  Following the success of the every-episode, 25-season marathon of The Simpsons last month on FXX, the network has now made a major announcement. Starting October […]


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FXX’s Marathon Of Every Simpsons Episode To Begin This Thursday

By Adam Bookbinder If you’re a huge fan of The Simpsons and have some extra vacation days from work you can spare, then put in for August 21st through September 1st. Why you may ask? Well because […]


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Someone On ‘The Simpsons’ Will Die

By Nadia Noir D’oh! One of the reasons we love The Simpsons is that after twenty-five seasons they a) never grow old, b) never die, and c) are always there for us. The Simpsons are […]


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Man Stops Drinking For A Year To Set Simpsons Tattoos World Record

By Adam Bookbinder The Simpsons…. (Read that as though it’s the opening credits of the show) If you thought you were the biggest fan of The Simpsons, there’s one guy who has you beat. Lee […]


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‘Simpsons’ Executive Producer On the Show’s KISS ‘Tribute’

Last night’s (November 3) episode of The Simpsons was one for the ages. Titled “Four Regrettings And A Funeral,” it featured one of the show’s most epic “couch gags” ever, an understated and sweet goodbye to longtime character Mrs. Krabappel, and a pretty hilarious reference to “The Hottest Band In The World.”


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Simpsons & Family Guy Fusing For One Episode In The Fall

Yep. You read that right. FOX has just announced that it will combine two of the most popular adult animated television shows of all time into one–at least for a single episode. According to Gothamist, […]


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Mr. Burns From The Simpsons Teaches Us About The Fiscal Cliff

All this news about the fiscal cliff and we’re so confused about what that actually means, we are ready to jump off it. Apparently, it’s like some financial conundrum or something whatever, don’t quote us […]


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Springfield Is A Hell Of A Town – ‘The Simpsons’ Creator Matt Groening Reveals Official Location

[photogallerylink id=66579 align=left]It’s a question that’s been plaguing Simpsons fans for 22 years: Where in the world is Springfield, USA?! And finally, FINALLY we have an answer. Simpsons’ creator Matt Groening revealed Springfield’s location in […]



The Simpsons Experiment – Watch 100 Episodes At The Same Time

We promise to stop convincing DJs they don’t exist. We promise to stop convincing DJs they don’t exist. We promise to stop convincing DJs they don’t exist. We promise to stop convincing DJs they don’t […]