Photo by Sergei Supinksky//Getty Images

Santa Claus Gets Parking Ticket In Downtown Los Angeles

He’s made his list. He checked it twice. And now Santa has enemies. Actually, the Los Angeles parking enforcement team is enemy to all. They better be on the naughty list because we could have […]


(Photo credit: RAMZI HAIDAR/AFP/Getty Images)

Don’t Be This Guy: Man Run Over By His Own Truck, Then Gets A Ticket

So there are bad days, and then there are bad days. Then there are really bad days. Then there‚Äôs the kind of day this guy had. All Brian Reynolds of Salem, Massachusetts, wanted to do […]


Photo by Carl Deal//Getty Images

Dude Sticks It To Man By Paying Traffic Ticket With 137 Origami Pigs In Donut Boxes

A law-abiding citizen with a filthy sense of humor (money is really dirty, you don’t know who touched it, don’t put it near your face, or use it for other…places) used his hidden talent–the ancient […]