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Magic Restroom Cafe Opens In City Of Industry…Yes, It’s As Grody As It Sounds

If you’re not into food that tastes like crap, maybe you won’ t mind if it looks like it. A new restaurant in City of Industry has opened called Magic Restroom Cafe. Based on a […]


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The Best Los Angeles Public Bathrooms To Pee For Free

If there’s one difference between Los Angeles and the rest of the nation, it’s our restroom etiquette and availability. LA is probably the one place in the nation where going to the restroom is frowned upon. […]


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Caption This! Contest: A Toilet That’s Also A Motorbike

Who doesn’t want a free JACK-FM T-shirt? And now, you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your desk/sofa/deep-sea diving bell….. Write a funny, clever, weird, border-line offensive caption for the picture below in […]


Kid Toilet

[JACKed Up Video] Kid Takes Bath In Toilet

We found a home movie of Dr. Cranfill as a baby.


Why Is This Man Up To His Arm In Toilet Water?

´╗┐Help! My arm is stuck! Somebody, quick! Call 9-1-1! No, you can’t use my cell phone! I dropped it down here and I’m trying to get it back! Somebody please┬áheeeelllllpppppp!! Seriously, dude? Seriously?