Tom Green

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The Best Songs From The ’90s Ever

By Nadia Noir April Fools! These are some of the worst songs of that decade which was simultaneously amazing and atrocious when it came to art, culture, and pretty much everything. The economy was good, […]


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Memorable Moments From TV’s Most Famous Pranksters

Jack FM is a prank within itself. April fools is approaching, therefore it is time to whip out the whoopee cushions. Say that out loud three times. If you’re in dire need of inspiration to […]


Tom Green Interviews Juggalos; National IQ Drops

Comedian Tom Green is best known for slapstick, lowbrow comedy routines and a short marriage to Drew Barrymore. Fans of [lastfm]Insane Clown Posse[/lastfm] are best known for massive amounts of drug use and … well […]