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The Best Christmas Toys Through The Decades

Some toys come and go, others leave their mark on society, and come Christmas time, these toys were a must have. JACK is flashing back, remembering some of the best toys from the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s. Did you have a favorite? Let us know.

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Beastie Boys’ Song ‘Girls’ Transformed Into Girl Power Anthem for Toy Ad

One of the Beastie Boys’ earliest and most famously misogynistic hits has been retooled by upstart toy company Goldieblox into a girl power anthem that encourages young girls to have fun with science and engineering.



Is This The Greatest “Toy” Ever?

When JACK FM was a kid, we had to walk to school, barefoot in the snow, uphill both ways. And we didn’t have any fancy toys either. Back then we used a toilet paper roll, […]

93.1 Jack FM–05/01/2013

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Furby Is The Must Have Toy Of 2012. Wait? What Year Is This Again?

Looking for a toy that will keep your child occupied for about a week and that they will either lose, break, maim, or grow a creepy attachment to it in a way that is a […]


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Metallica’s Kirk Hammett Releasing Horror Book, Line of Toys

Serious Metallica fans know that being one of the world’s greatest guitarists isn’t the only thing Kirk Hammett does with his nights. He’s also a lifelong collector of horror memorabilia, a passion he plans to […]



Star Wars Burgers Cater To Your Jedi Tastes

“Luke… eat the force…. nom nom nom…” European burger franchise Quick may be the smartest fast-food chain restaurant in the entire universe. How else were they able to convince Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and George […]


BK Simpsons Toys Treehouse of Horror

[Playing What We Want] Burger King Revisits Simpson’s Treehouse Of Horror

We prefer our Whopper with a plastic Kang and Kodos. The Simpsons 22nd annual Treehouse of Horror episode airs October 30th. While Burger King honors our favorite nuclear family with collectible kid’s meal toys, we […]



Jack FM’s TOYS FOR TRUCK OFFICIAL RULES 2011 To see a list of locations where you can donate a toy to CHiPs for Kids, click here! Two ways to enter: Enter the online contest or […]