TRON: The Animated Series?

Christmas 2010 came and went, but one man seems to have more staying power than Santa Claus: Jeff Bridges. Fresh out of the smash box office weekend, Bridges had two blockbusters topping the charts over a most […]


[Video] 10 Things You Need To Know Before Seeing TRON: Legacy

      1982 was a fantastic year for the avid movie fan. Just think – 28 years ago today, you could run out to the nearest VilliageVideo and rent a VHS copy of E.T.: […]


Top 5 Must See Movies For the Rest of 2010

While it’s going to be REALLLLLLY tough to top Inception and Pirahna 3-D as best movies of the year, there are 5 movies left in 2010 that could take the prize. Check out Dr. Cranfill’s TOP […]