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‘The X-Files’ Is Coming Back To Television

By Nadia Noir The truth is out there. Having watched every episode of The X-Files about eight to twelve times, we are fairly certain that the show was ahead of its time in every way. […]


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Fargo Tapped To Become TV Show On FX

In a world of YOLO and SWAG, it’s been awhile since we’ve heard someone throw out a good old-fashioned “Don’tcha know?” But, now that FX has it’s sticky fingers all over the grotesque but hilarious […]


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Dwight From The Office Is Getting A Spin-Off!!!

If you ever thought Dundler-Mifflin’s most accomplished misanthrope deserves his own show, well, NBC seems to agree. According to, a Dwight spinoff is in development and could be on your TV by mid-season 2013….



Is Arrested Development Coming Back For A New Season AND A Movie? Mitch Hurowitz Starts The Rumor

Oh, we thought you meant Arrested Development! Mitch Hurwitz, the mastermind behind the highly entertainment yet short-lived TV comedy Arrested Development, announced today that the show will come back for “9 or 10” episodes to […]


3-D Pac-Man: Because Flat Stuff Is So ’80s

In what sounds like an effort to appeal to the undervalued Generation X stoner demographic, former CEO of Marvel Studios and now executive adviser for Namco¬†Bandai Avi Arad wants to bring Pac-Man to television…in 3-D. […]