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LOS ANGELES - MARCH 6:  Downtown Los Angeles is photographed March 6, 2003 in Los Angeles,  California.  (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

15 Classic TV Shows Set In The Los Angeles Area

By Adam Bookbinder Living in “The Entertainment Capitol of the World,” there have been plenty of television shows over the years set in the Los Angeles area.  Sometimes it’s an actual city and other times it’s […]


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10 Best TV Shows Of The 1990’s

It’s no surprise that the 90’s turned out some of the best tv watching the 20th Century had to offer. From Seinfeld to Saved By The Bell to Dawson’s Creek and 90210, we watched a […]


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TV Shows that Need a Shark Week Crossover

by Patrick Braud It’s Shark Week again, folks, and that means you get to spend the greatest week of the year reveling in sharks being pretty awesome. However, The Discovery Channel does understand that shots […]


[Man Cave] Ultimate Movie Library

What’ll you be watching tonight on your 54″ PLASMA?


Disney’s Patent For SEAL TEAM Six Includes Games, TV Shows, And… Snow Globes?

Seal Team Six – The Saturday Morning Cartoon. Come on Disney. We know you’re a conglomeration that thrives on the hopes and dreams of children and adults alike, but don’t you think you may have […]


Breaking News: Justin Bieber Shot and Killed In Shootout…

..on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation last night. Relax. Or rejoice. Whatever the case may be. Check out this video clip of his “assassination” here…


Best Of Show: Justified, Spartacus, Community & Modern Family

Dancing With the Stars? American Idol? That stupid, stupid abomination Glee? Lost? There are A LOT of craptacular shows out there and I feel the need to steer you guys-n-gals in the right direction…Allow me to […]