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What’s Your (Awful) Social Media Personality?

The ninja endures excruciating physical strain to succeed at difficult tasks. Standing out online means not calling yourself the exact same thing as tens of thousands of other people. So “social media ninjas” suck at […]


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Clippers’ Head Coach Doc Rivers Agrees To Contract Extension Through 2019 Season

LOS ANGELES ( — The Los Angeles Clippers Wednesday announced head coach Doc Rivers has agreed to a contract that will keep him with the team through the end of the 2019 season. The team posted […]



Things Tim Howard Could Save: Best World Cup Soccer Internet Memes

Team USA may have lost the World Cup, but goalkeeper Tim Howard has clearly won the internet. Howard fully established his American hero status Tuesday with an incredible 16 saves, the most in tournament history […]


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The Best Apps To Make You The Perfect Lover This Summer

By Jordy Altman Finding love in the Digital Age can be hard. With everybody burying their faces deep into their phones, it can seem awfully difficult to find a new singles to date. Don’t let […]


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Lawyers Now Allowed To Scour Jurors’ Social Media Accounts

Better put those Facebook and Twitter privacy levels on high alert because lawyers have just been given the green light to research potential jurors’ social media accounts. Yes, all of your embarrassing status updates and […]


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US Airways Accidentally Tweets Explicit Picture Of Woman With Toy Plane

By Nadia Noir We’ve always wanted to join the Mile High Club, but morality, decency, and totally unfair laws have always kept us from fulfilling our kinky dreams. US Airways almost gave us hope when […]


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Celebrate Twitter’s 8th Birthday By Looking Back At Your First Tweet

By Adam Bookbinder Put on your party hat because it’s time to celebrate Twitter’s 8th birthday today!  As their present to you, they have this nifty little device which allows you to simply put in […]


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Kids These Days: DTLA 20-Year-Old On Twitter Threatens To Shoot Someone For 100 RTs

By Nadia Noir Social media is showing a new side of humanity and it’s not pretty, especially when you have hormonal young people at the helm. A 20-year-old kid named Dakkari Dijon McAnuff posted a […]


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Kids These Days: Teen Has Sex With Hot Pocket & Becomes Twitter Famous

By Nadia Noir If you want to have weird relations with a provocatively named food object, what are you gonna pick? Well, if you’re a creepy teenager trying to impress the internet, probably a Hot […]


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Ted Nugent’s Twitter Rant Asks If Words Are More Offensive Than [Blank]

Ted Nugent asked some rhetorical questions on Twitter last night (Feb. 20), most of which kept with the theory, sticks and stones may break people bones, but words should never hurt them. Nugent asked his 222,000 […]




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