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Is This A UFO Sighting Over Southern California?

Could this be a UFO captured on video? In a video posted on YouTube Monday by user Ken Roberts, a strange white streak that looks like a meteorite is seen hurtling through the sky. However, […]


David McNew / Newsmakers

We Come In Peace! New UFO Secrets Revealed This September

Area 51 is calling your name young grasshopper, shall you join the alien race or perish? The Smithsonian Institution affiliated museum will reveal confidential secrets regarding UFOs. The National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas […]



What The Heck Is Causing Those Mysterious Noises In The Sky?

There’s something special in the air, all right, but no one is sure exactly what it is. A weird atmospheric phenomenon? Super secret experimental government planes? An elaborate hoax? An impending alien invasion? These are […]


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[Video] The Four UFOs Of The Apocalypse Sighted In London

We never thought the human race would be obliterated by our beloved E.T, though it’s hard to argue with this new footage of a London UFO sighting. Five, maybe even six flying saucers circle the […]