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[JACKed Up News] Man Strangles Wife to Death After She Smashes His Star Wars Toys

Thirty year old British man Rickie La Touche was found guilty after strangling his wife to death for smashing his Star Wars collection. There’s nothin’ like die hard Star Wars fans…



[EXCLUSIVE] British Cats More Likely To Be Named After Foods Than Harry Potter Characters

In a recent poll conducted by the Cats Protection charity, 1,000 feline owners between the ages of five and seventy years old were surveyed about their pets. Little did the Cats Protection charity know what […]


[Jacked Up News] Man Names Boat Titanic II, Sinks On Maiden Voyage

Mark Wilkinson had to cut his fishing trip short… The worried glares of onlookers pierced the back of his head, just as the 6″ square pierced the fibre-glass hull of Titanic II. As Captain, he […]


Royal Wedding Hats Are INSANE

What in the name of…? We stayed up all-night long, eagerly awaiting this Royal Wedding business. Finally the program came on, and we were confused as hell – isn’t this supposed to be the royal […]


Michael Jackson and Bubbles: The Untold Story (or A Pop Icon Plays with His Monkey)

Behold, The King of Pop. There is no denying that [lastfm]Michael Jackson [/lastfm]changed Pop Music for the better, chaining together beats unheard of with dance grooves deep enough to shake a nunnery. As his life […]