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Roseanne Barr’s Presidential Platform Based On Her Television History

It’s true – Roseanne Barr is seeking your vote in the upcoming presidential election. But what do we really know about the stand-up-turned-politician? Well, this is a woman whose face has appeared on our television […]


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Roseanne Barr Is Running For President Of The United States Of America

Roseanne Barr announced Friday, via Twitter that she is running for President of the United States, under the Green Party banner. Barr is convinced that she’s the perfect candidate for this extremely… powerful… position. “Greetings […]


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Infographic: The Digital Divide In Today’s Busy World

Or, why the internet revolution is leaving many behind. The Internet Revolution has placed knowledge and power in the hands of the people. But this seismic shift has not empowered equally – America’s disadvantaged have […]



Why Your Internet Is Being Blacked Out Today

Many prominent webpages on the internet are taking the day off today. In a very unified protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) that Congress is thinking about passing many of the most visited […]


Dumbledore For President

Dumbledore Runs For President, Promises Every American A Pony

No, that’s not actually Dumbledore. It’s Vermin Supreme, Democratic presidential candidate with a boot on his head and a good oral hygiene pun for every political promise.



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[Video] Aww, Ya Know. Just Chillin’ In Dublin, You?

In Dublin, a leprechaun girl hands her phone to President Obama.


Disappointing Tie for the U.S. Soccer Team

1-0 Slovenia 2-0 Slovenia 2-1 Slovenia 2-2 Tie 3-2 United States…… or was it? Wait no still 2-2. Thank you Mr. Official. You officially suck! How badly did things suck?  Find out after the jump!


Weezer Releases World Cup Song

Any band that has recorded an ode to Beverly Hills and featured both Happy Days and the Muppets is as American as apple pie. [lastfm]Weezer [/lastfm]showed its patriotism again last week with a track for […]