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Jack FM Goes To The Library And Reads The Books Behind The Films

Movies are always better when they are based off a book. That is a fact. If it’s a best-selling novel, it will undoubtedly be a best-selling film.


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Twilight: Breaking Dawn Ain’t Yo Thang? Here Are Some Vampire Movies You Should Watch Instead

Spoiler Alert: Dr. Cranfill kills Bella in the new Twilight movie. Sure, you could spend the remainder of the week camping in a tent outside of Hollywood Boulevard, waiting for a glimpse of your favorite shimmery bloodsucker… or […]


TRUE BLOOD: Who’d You Rather? (Guys Choice)

Photo Credit/Sasha Huff/HBO HBO’s smash hit, True Blood, returns for season 4 this Sunday at 9pm. (or 6pm if you’re all fancy and have the east coast HBO feed). So to honor the vampire orgy […]


Jason Stackhouse Has Sex, Writes Book

As evidenced by Kim Cattrall of Sex and the City fame, if you play a┬ánymphomaniac on television, the only logical thing to do with all your faux sexploits is to put out a book on […]