Science Proves Being Vegetarian Might Make Men Defective Baby Makers

By Nadia Noir Next time your wife tries to convince you that a vegetarian diet is healthier for your heart, whip out some sexy science on her. A vegetarian diet affect the quality of men’s […]


Joe Hale/Getty Images

Morrissey’s March Meltdown Madness: A Timeline

When iconic British singer Morrissey landed in Southern California to resume his beleaguered U.S. tour, no one expected the tsunami of controversy that would soon follow. He’d already been forced to reschedule more than 25 […]



JACK FM Sticker Pimps Throw A Meatless BBQ In Honor Of Moz

Bigmouth strikes again. Morrissey’s meatless antics have been on the mouths of the masses these days and saddest songwriter in the world has made it clear that if you murder animals in any way, shape, […]



Top 5 “Interesting Facts” That Are Wrong

Brace yourself, reader. JackFM is about to drop some serious nuggets of knowledge into your braingrapes. You know those “fun facts” that people throw around to impress the ladies? You might be surprised (or not) […]


Johnny Marr Hearts His Devoted Veggie Fans

Show of hands: who here was inspired to go vegetarian after hearing [lastfm]The Smiths[/lastfm]’ album Meat is Murder for the first time (author raises hand)? Whether you were a melancholy misanthrope 12-year-old or an eco-conscientious […]


Battle of the Sexy Vegetarian Rock Stars

PETA‘s young adult division PETA2 is currently running their annual poll for the Sexiest Vegetarian, which includes some of rock music’s biggest names. It’s no surprise staunch veggie lover and “Meat is Murder” advocate [lastfm]Morrissey[/lastfm] made […]


Joan Jett Hands Out Vegan Starter Kits in New York

[lastfm]Joan Jett[/lastfm], musician behind such tunes as “I Love Rock n’ Roll” played a different tune today, publicly promoting vegetarianism in New York. Sing it: “I love not-eating-animals, so shape some more soy, so it […]