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Is It A Whisky Flask Or A Video Game Cartridge?

By Nadia Noir  Now you don’t have to choose between your fondness for getting wasted and wasting Ultimecia in Final Fantasy. You can show off both. A dude named Matt Cornell of Ink Whiskey designed some […]


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Guy On Craigslist Can’t Beat Super Mario World, Offers Whiskey, Donuts for Help

By Jordy Altman Craigslist is full of strange requests, but if you mine through the garbage you can unearth gold. In a Craigslist post titled, “Idiot Needed to beat Vanilla Dome in Super Mario World […]



Snoop Lion May Unleash ‘Way of the Dogg’ Video Game

Will March come in like a lamb, out like a lion this time around if rumors of Snoop Lion’s nee Dogg’s new video game are substantiated? The multi-talented artist with as many different colors to […]


Mad Men Video Games

Don Draper, FIGHT! Playable Mad Men 8-Bit Video Game Releases Before Season 5

This Sunday, Mad Men returns to AMC for season five. It only took ’em 15 months to get back on TV. All Hollywood B.S. aside, we’ve yearned to spin alongside the unraveling enigma that is […]


Angry Birds the Movie

Angry Birds: The Movie, As Played By Beautiful Gun-Slinging Women

Sure, it’s unofficial. Sure, it’s a ripoff of Snatch. Sure, it looks completely unrealistic. But we hear they reveal how to beat level 3-2 in the credits… so…


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[JACKtivity of the Week] 25th Anniversary Symphony Featuring THE LEGEND OF ZELDA In Hollywood

The Hero of Time has returned… to Hollywood! If you’re a Nintendo fan, you’ve probably spent a couple hours playing as a little man in a green cap. Whether you rocked the Dark World it […]


[Video] Mario Kart In Real Life

TGIF everybody. Here’s a video to help you through the rest of the day.


Back To The Future… The Video Game!

Usually when a movie turns itself into a video game, it’s a shameless ploy for the studio to make more money. It’s even more a task for a trilogy to make the leap from screen […]


Videogame Violinist Recreates Super Mario

Yeah, yeah. We all know that guy who can play the Zelda theme on the piano, or can plug-in their guitar and bust out the Tetris theme. Let’s all admit it together – you’re obnoxious! Cut […]