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Ever Wanted To Be In A Real Life First-Person Shooter? These Guys Made It Happen

Watch as Chatroulette users find themselves in the middle of an epic battle with zombies!

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Turn Your Smart Phone Into A Game Boy

It may have started out as a cruel April Fool’s joke, but now, thanks to the twisted mind of Hyperkin’s Chris Gallizzi, the “Smart Boy” has turned out to be a real thing.



Turn Your Smart Phone Into A Game Boy

by Alyssa Pereira, CBS San Francisco It may have started out as a cruel April Fool’s joke, but now, thanks to the twisted mind of Hyperkin‘s Chris Gallizzi, the “Smart Boy” has turned out to be a real […]


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‘Grand Theft Auto’ Game To Be Adapted Into Television Drama

Grand Theft Auto, one of the biggest video games in the world, is going to see a new format soon—television.


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Imagine Dragons Release New Song ‘Warriors’ For ‘League of Legends’ Video Game: Listen

Imagine Dragons have released “Warriors”, a new song recorded specifically for Riot Games’ ‘League of Legends’ video game.


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Most Anticipated Video Games To Hit Shelves This Summer

By Jordy Altman We’ve always been more of an indoor kid. E3 has come and gone, and with the three-day melee finally over, the dust has cleared and we can spend some time with the […]


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Gamer Girl Rescued From Armed Robbery Thanks To Webcam

By Nadia Noir An Arizona gamer girl (and her gamer roommate) got robbed at gunpoint while playing the game Dota 2. The 28-year-old was online and using her webcam when armed robbers came into her […]


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The Best Video Game Adaptations of TV & Movies, Period

by Brian Cullen Hey. When’s the last time you played a good video game based on a movie or a TV show? Been awhile, right?? It’s true! Video game adaptations are notorious for being crappy. […]


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The Hottest Retro Game Consoles

by Marshal M. Rosenthal Have you looked at a video game controller lately? What’s with all those buttons, knobs, joysticks, tabs…’s crazy! That’s why so many of us prefer 8 and 16-bit games: the graphics […]


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A Brief History Of Video Games

With E3 starting this week, we thought we’d take a trip down memory lane and honor the video games that made gaming what it is today. There have been so many titles and characters that […]

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