Video Games

Disney’s Patent For SEAL TEAM Six Includes Games, TV Shows, And… Snow Globes?

Seal Team Six – The Saturday Morning Cartoon. Come on Disney. We know you’re a conglomeration that thrives on the hopes and dreams of children and adults alike, but don’t you think you may have […]


[Man Cave] Essential XBOX 360 Games

The Man Cave giveaway is just getting warmed up: a giant TV, a rockin’ drum set, a Les Paul guitar… and the ultimate gaming machine – an XBOX 360, Microsoft’s most powerful contender in this […]


[Man Cave] Essential PS3 Games

The Man Cave just keeps pushing the limits. With all sorts of fancy gizmos and gadgets being given away it was a no brainer to include Sony’s powerhouse gaming console the Playstation 3.


Top 10 Video Games….OF ALL TIME

JACK FM’s MAN CAVE includes an XBox, a Playstation 3, AND, (yes and) AND a Nintendo Wii. So to celebrate the illustrious gaming some lucky JACK FM listener is about to be indulging in, I decided […]


[Man Cave] Essential Wii Games

As you’ve seen, the Man Cave is chock-full of gadgets and pleasantries. Not only do we have a giant TV with surround sound, but we’re also throwing in the top-of-the-line video game systems to blow […]


Celebrate Thanksgiving With The Angry Birds

Tomorrow brings us Thanksgiving, and with Thanksgiving comes family, food, drinking, and yelling. At least that’s what happens at our Thanksgiving (did we mention we eat TurBaconEpic?) Before you chow down and get cozy with your […]


Billy Joel Joins New Rock Band 3 Video Game Just To Piss Off Critic

Who here watches The Office? What a fun show! That Michael Scott always gettin’ himself into the craziest of situations. And how about that writing? Top notch! Why are we talking about The Office in […]


Atari 8 Bit Version Of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon

 Hey duderino, scootch over on the couch. We brought the Mountain Dew and the Cheetos so go ahead and plug in the Super Nintendo! After all, we have some Zelda to play! Wait man, what’s this? […]


Soundgarden To Go Platinum Thanks To Video Game

[lastfm]Soundgarden [/lastfm]has been working on their retrospective, Telephantasm, over the past year. In an effort to boost sales and popularity, Activision has bundled the band’s album with the upcoming video game release of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. […]


Michael Jackson’s Virtual World Ain’t Got Nothing on Neverland Ranch!

Here’s a great idea! Let’s combine one of the most beloved performers of all time with some pedophile chargers. Oh wait, we already did that. Ok then, then let’s try combining the beloved pedophile performer […]