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#420: 12 Foods You Can Transform Into Bongs [Video]

By Jordy Altman Just like Momma used to say: “If you’re in a pinch, just use an apple, man.” It’s California! Weed is practically legal, dude. Everybody is smoking something, and we’re pretty sure the […]


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Watch: R2-D2 Rolls Through San Francisco & Falls In Love With A Mailbox

It’s spring so love is in the air–even if you’re a robot. Created by Evan Atherton, Artoo in Love chronicles the misadventures of a robot scooting around San Francisco and looking for love. He may […]


Oasis Wonderwall Buncha Songs In A Row

“Under The Wall, The Reason You’re A Creep” [Buncha Songs In A Row]

Maybe this buncha songs in a row will live up to your ridiculously high standards.


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Ten Songs That Will Jack You Up For Jack’s Muscle Madness

Hey meathead! The time has come… for JACK’S…  MUSCLE… MADNESS! Turn up the volume on that boombox, i-dock, (whatever) and allow these monster jams to provide the perfect soundtrack while you bulk up for Jack’s […]



Top Five Monkees Songs [Lyrics + Videos]

With the sudden passing of Davy Jones, we decided what better way to honor the iconic singer than with the Top Five Monkees songs of all time.


Blindfold Boxing

Highlights In Sporting History – Blindfolded Mens Boxing

And now entering the ring… a blind guy!


Road House Punch

Every Face Punch In The Movie Road House

The year was 1989… The world’s bars were overrun with filth… And Patrick Swayze was the only bouncer tough enough to clean them watering holes.


Price Is Right

Brain Short Circuits As Man Wins One Million Dollars On Price Is Right

Pffft. We make a million dollars in our sleep. Still, woulda been cool to meet Drew Carey…


Mobility Scooter

Mobility Scooter With Suped Up Engine Reaches 70 MPH In Snow

Ever wanted to swipe your grandma’s scooter, swap in a motorcycle engine, and burn donuts in her parking lot? Well, this guy beat ya to it.


Stupid Youtube Animals

This Week In Stupid Animal Internet Videos

The internet is a beautiful and wonderful institution. So let’s use it upload videos of ours pets doing cute things!