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Some Dudes Deep-Fried The Entire Taco Bell Menu: #Watch

By Nadia Noir Taco Bell delivers now, so you can order up a bunch when in a state of medically-approved intoxication and experiment with their already experimental Mexican fast food menu. What? A deep-fried Chalupa […]


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WATCH: Bryan Cranston’s Mic Drop Mom Joke At Comic Con

By Sarah Carroll Breaking Bad ended nearly two years ago, but that didn’t stop hundreds of people from making the trek to Comic Con to hear the former Walter White speak. One of those fans, who hails […]


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This Dog Afraid Of Feather Is How We Feel About Monday: #Watch

By Nadia Noir Do you have PTSD because of life in general? You might just be us (and this dog) on any given Monday morning. In this video, a scaredy dog barks and growls at […]


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WATCH: Miss Rhode Island & Miss Nevada Bomb Interview Portion Of Miss USA Beauty Pageant

By Sarah Carroll Despite all of Donald Trump’s antics and controversial comments, the Miss USA pageant went on as planned last night, albeit on a much smaller scale. Olivia Jordan of Oklahoma was crowned the […]


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House Cat Is Totally DGAF About Mountain Lion Outside Glass Door: #Watch

By Nadia Noir  People joke that cats are trying to take over the world, but maybe this is not laughing matter. Yesterday, we saw a video of a black bear getting spooked by a tiny […]



Some Crazy Ish Comes Out Of This Music Festival Porta Potty: #Watch

By Nadia Noir Standing in line for a porta potty at a music festival is figuratively (and sometimes literally) the dumps. But Improv Everywhere managed to brighten up everyone’s day at the Governors Ball Music […]


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Sedated Patient Records Doctors Insulting Him During Procedure

By Sarah Carroll A Virginia man was awarded $500,000 in damages after his phone’s voice recorder revealed his doctors were making offensive comments about him while he was unconscious. The patient, identified as “D.B.” in court records, […]


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Watch A House Cat Scare A Black Bear Right Off The Porch

By Britt Bickel Whoever came up with the term ‘scaredy-cat’ for our feline pets was way off. This ordinary house cat became a hero after scaring an Alaskan black bear 10 times her size right […]


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Naked Kentucky Man At Walmart Screams ‘I’m On Fire,’ Pours Milk All Over Himself: #Watch

By Nadia Noir Eat something spicy and your mouth is on fire? Drink some milk. Presumably do some “spicy” new drug and your whole body feels like it’s on fire? Sorry, milk won’t work for […]


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Cat Accidentally Hijacks An Airplane & Is Freaking Meow-t: #Watch

By Nadia Noir What happens when a kitty takes a cat nap in the wings of a tiny two-person plane? A purrfect catastrophe. Somehow, this cat found himself onboard a plane, a didn’t realize what […]