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This is actually an ice cream cone but we were limited with our photo choices (Photo by Keystone//Getty Images)

Cats Stealing Pizza Because Who Wouldn’t: Watch

By Nadia Noir  How do you like your pizza? We like it with extra meow-zerella and the kind of crust we can really sink our…claws into? Cats are hunters by nature, so they won’t hesitate […]


Scene from “TIE Fighter” (Animated by Paul “OtaKing” Johnson)

Some Fan Imagined Star Wars as an ’80s Anime Cartoon: Watch

By Brian Ives  Have you ever wondered what the Star Wars saga would look like through the lens of an anime studio from the 1980s? Wonder no more: a super fan has just posted TIE Fighter, (watch it […]



WATCH: Lion Opens Car Door At Safari Park

By Sarah Carroll Rule #1 when you’re going on a wild animal safari? Lock your darn doors, you dummy! Well apparently, not everyone is hip to this piece of knowledge. A family driving through a South African […]



WATCH: Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore Loses His Mind Over Thundersnow

By Sarah Carroll Our friends living on the East Coast may be sick and tired of all the snow, but Jim Cantore reacted like a kid on Christmas morning during one of the recent blizzards! […]



Porcupine Predicts Seattle Seahawks Will Win The Super Bowl

By Sarah Carroll There are lots of facts and figures to examine when you’re trying to decide which team has the best chance of winning the Super Bowl. It involves lots of numbers and math…carry the […]


(Photo by Karl Walter/Getty Images for Stagecoach)

Can This Guy Really Open A Beer With His Butt (Or Is It Fake)? [Watch]

By Nadia Noir  It’s only Tuesday, but it feels like the weekend already. And we all know what the weekend means—cracking open an ice cold beer with our butt. Wait, what? OK, so if you […]



Watch: Driver Narrowly Missed By Out-Of-Control Big Rig On Black Ice

The Northeast was hit with freezing rain and snow over the weekend, leaving many roads slick with dangerous black ice conditions. With ice storms in effect in many areas including Connecticut, New York, New Jersey […]


(Photo by Geoff Caddicl//AFP//Getty Images)

TGIFH: Thank God It’s Farting Horse [Watch]

By Jordy Altman It may not be bull-ish, but horse farts are a close second. Have you ever had a friend rescue an animal only to go on and on and on about how great […]


(Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images)

Watch: ‘Price Is Right’ Announcer Falls Off A Treadmill!

By Britt Bickel Count this as Treadmill: 1; TV announcer: 0. During Thursday’s episode of The Price is Right, announcer George Gray suffered an embarrassing fall on camera when he “tried to get fancy and […]


This is actually an ice cream cone but we were limited with our photo choices (Photo by Keystone//Getty Images)

This Wizard Cat Probably Hates Humans, But Humans Love Wizard Cat [Watch]

By Nadia Noir Top Five Thoughts Wizard Cat Is Probably Having Right Now: 1) Let’s see. The Humans sleep at approximately 10:30pm. That gives me 7 hours to slowly suffocate them in their sleep with […]