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Raccoon Breaks Into Booze Warehouse & Gets Wasted: #Watch

Don’t lie. You know this is going to be you at Jack’s 10th Show.


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Jiff The Pomeranian Rolls Through Store On Tonka Truck, Owns Life: #Watch

By Nadia Noir  We’d like to imagine that when someone sees Bustache rollin’ through their ‘hood, that life just seems that much more…adorable. Let’s just hope it’s not something else that rhymes with adorable…like horrible? […]



Crazy Hollywood Road Rage Brawl Go Out Of Hand This Morning: #Watch

By Nadia Noir  Maybe it’s because Mercury is in Retrograde, or maybe it’s because drivers in Los Angeles are sometimes really big jerks, but there’s been A LOT of road rage issues going on. Including […]


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Genius Dudes Invent Beer Pump That Gets Beer In Your Mouth In 2 Seconds: Watch

By Nadia Noir Monday, who needs Monday? Tuesday, it’s almost brewsday? Wednesday, let’s get weirds day? Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday…time to shot gun beer in two seconds day? Yay.


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Guy Proposes To Girlfriend With McDonalds Chicken Nuggets & She IS NOT Lovin’ It: Watch

By Nadia Noir  This dude might have been mackin’ on his girl big time, but epically failed to win the girl over with his McDonalds proposal. Let’s just say the whole thing is simultaneously hilarious […]



91-Year-Old Man Fulfills Bucket List Wish Of Driving Through Garage Door: Watch

By Nadia Noir  What’s on your bucket list? For 91-year-old Walter Thomas, it’s something that we many of us get the desire to do but never have the guts to do: drive through your garage door. […]


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DJ Dude Gets Bit By Snake, Makes Up New Dance: Watch

By Nadia Noir  An Oklahoma DJ at a place called “Skateland” did a little dance during his gig when he got bit by a giant snake. Apparently he was on his cellphone, not looking at […]


LEIPZIG - DECEMBER 14: A trip through her enclosure takes Opossum Heidi on Tuesday December 14, 2010 at Zoo Leipzig. A squinting opossum in the wild would have real problems. It would probably be eaten pretty quickly. (Photo by Hendrik Schmidt/AFP/Getty Images)

Los Angeles Woman Finds Opossum Family In Her Closet: Watch

By Nadia Noir Ugh, we wish our clutter was this cute. A spring cleaning woman in Los Angeles found a trash bag in her closet that was moving and, well, adorable Disney-esque chaos ensued. Watch the […]



Starbucks Manager Screams At Girl Over A…Cookie Straw: Watch

It’s just another Manic Monday.


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Watch A Bear And A Man Spook Each Other

By Britt Bickel  Spotting a bear in its natural habitat from a safe distance can be a wondrous sight. However, walking around your own home only to unexpectedly come face to face with a bear […]