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Patriots Fans Lose Their Minds Over Tom Brady Jumping Off A Cliff

By Britt Bickel  Reigning Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady made Patriots fans’ heart skip a beat by posting a scary stunt over the weekend. Brady shared a video of himself jumping off a cliff on […]

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Tom Hanks Acts Out All His Movies In Under 8 Minutes On ‘The Late Late Show’

By Britt Bickel  The debut of CBS’ The Late Late Show featuring the newest late night show host James Corden kicked off with major star power last night. His first guests included the one and […]


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Man Uses A Fake Oscar To Prank Hollywood Into Thinking He’s A Celebrity

By Britt Bickel  Have you ever wondered what it’s like getting A-list treatment like the biggest Hollywood stars? One man decided to do as the actors do and pretend his way into getting VIP perks […]



Guy Covered In Mentos Jumps Into Tub Full of Coke

By Britt Bickel  Now we all know from our grade-school science experiments and re-runs of Mythbusters what happens when you mix Mentos with Coke — you get a fizzy explosion of soda! So one brave […]


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Watch: Cockatoo Mimics Couple’s Fights

By Britt Bickel  Not to Cockatoo owners, these witty birds pick up on everything…and we mean everything, including full-blown arguments. In a viral video, a Cockatoo named Peaches sits on her perch and re-enacts an […]


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Watch: Tom Hanks Is Reunited With Wilson The Volleyball

By Britt Bickel  It’s been 15 years since Tom Hanks starred in the hit film Cast Away, where he had to fight to survive after his plane crashed on a deserted island. While it was […]


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Watch Brian Williams Rap Snoop Dogg’s “Who Am I (What’s My Name)?”

These never get old. During The Tonight Show Monday, which is set inLos Angeles this week, host Jimmy Fallon debuted a brand new ‘Brian Williams Raps’ video with the NBC Nightly News anchor doing his […]


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Monkey Cheers Up Sad Monkey Friend In Timeout [Video]

By Britt Bickel Even monkeys need a shoulder to lean on when they’re down. The Zoological Wildlife Foundation posted this adorable video on Instagram of a Capuchin monkey named Toby lending a helping paw to […]


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Dog Takes Herself To The Park Via The City Bus

By Britt Bickel, K-Earth  When this dog wants to go to the park, she will transport herself, thank you very much. Introducing, Eclipse, the world’s most self-sufficient dog who rides the city bus all by […]


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Is This A UFO Sighting Over Southern California?

Could this be a UFO captured on video? In a video posted on YouTube Monday by user Ken Roberts, a strange white streak that looks like a meteorite is seen hurtling through the sky. However, […]