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8 Annoying Things Waiters Hate About Los Angeles Customers

By Vanessa Payes Many aspiring entertainers, college students, and new arrivals in Los Angeles, make their living by waiting tables. Working in the food service industry can be physically and mentally exhausting especially when dealing […]


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Just The Tip – Bartenders Come Clean About Annoying Customers

Common sense is anything but. The cliché might be overused, but in most cases, it’s the perfect explanation for most of life’s annoying instances of inconsideration. Add alcohol and loud music into the mix and […]


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Los Angeles Waiter Admits On Podcast How He Judges Customers

By Nadia Noir Los Angeles–the town of embittered wait staff who would rather be starring in the summer’s latest indie sleeper hit. Of course they have have complaints about customers. We even chronicled it in […]


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How Not to Tip at a Restaurant

by Josh Hrala Going to a restaurant is one of the most fun things one can do in life, right up there with watching people getting hit in the junk (the America’s Funniest Home Videos […]