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(editors note: these are NOT the lawn decorations mentioned in the story)  (Photo credit  MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Creepy Lawn Decorations Appear On SoCal Family’s Lawn

Robyn Yearout woke up to dozens of ceramic statues including lions, bunnies and gnomes facing her front door.


note: this is not the woman who took the selfie (Photo credit  MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)

Woman Gets Injured Trying to Take Selfie With Wild Bison at Yellowstone National Park

Do we have to say much more after that headline?


Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

99 JACKed Up Things That Happened In Los Angeles In 2014

By Nadia Noir Ninety-nine luft balloons? What about 99 totally JACK’d up things that happened in Los Angeles this year? 2014 was the year of Donald Sterling’s dramz, Dunkin Donuts everything, heat waves, droughts, and […]


(Photo by Yoshikazu Tsuno//Getty Images)

Meat Rushmore Shows Iconic Sculpture Covered In Jerky

By Nadia Noir Some dudes with too much time on their hands have been jerking around and finally did something productive. In honor of National Jerky Day (today), Jack Link’s Beef Jerky (amazing name, we […]



What State Google Searches The Word “Nickelback” The Most?

Our country is so huge that going to another state is like ostensibly going to another county. France and Italy? As close to each other (maybe closer?) as California is to Nevada or Arizona. So, […]


(Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

KFC’s Chicken Corsage Now Available For Purchase

By Adam Bookbinder When we thought we heard it all, something else comes along which amazes us.  And this time it’s in the form of fried chicken deliciousness for a mere $20. We’re talking about […]


Microsoft / Getty Images

Man Arrested For Possesion Of Cocaine, Hidden Inside XBOX

As history has passed, convicts and criminals alike have been quite creative when it comes to drug smuggling. But come on, who would ever think XBox would be the culprit in a cocaine scheme? It […]


TED ALJIBE / AFP / Getty Images

Ohio Deputy Forces Jail Inmates To Dance To Usher

It’s not everyday that you have to do the worm, in order to receive basic humane privileges. A 35 year-old deputy at Summit county Jail ordered five jail inmates to dance in order to use […]


China Photos / Getty Images

Rock Alert: Follow The Daily Route of Hollywood’s 340-Ton Rock Star

What weighs about the same as 17 city buses and will be rolling through the streets of LA? A giant freakin’ boulder. Heading from a quarry in Riverside County, This 11-day monumental undertaking is scheduled to travel from […]


Weird News: Switchblades and One Armed Men

       True story. Lawmakers in the state of Maine passed some pretty interesting legislation today concerning switchblades and one-armed humans….