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The Best Songs From The ’90s Ever

By Nadia Noir April Fools! These are some of the worst songs of that decade which was simultaneously amazing and atrocious when it came to art, culture, and pretty much everything. The economy was good, […]


Surfer Whale

EXCLUSIVE: California Surfer Nearly Swallowed Whole By Whale, Pinocchio Says So What [VIDEO]

Takes guts to surf in Santa Cruz. Watch as a girl paddles along on her surfboard, completely unaware of the GIANT SEA CREATURE LURKING 10 FEET BELOW HER, WAITING, WAITING TO FEED ON THE


Tommy Lee Thinks Whale Masturbation Is A Terrible Thing

Tommy Lee is infamous for his rowdy music and rowdier antics with his stint with [lastfm link_type=”similar_artist_radio”]Motley Crue[/lastfm]. Yet no tv’s through hotel windows, hoards of women with STDs, nor shoot-outs with Grizzlies prepared Tommy Lee […]