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The Best 80’s Christmas Songs, Because We Love The 80’s, And So Do You

Why 80’s Christmas Songs? It seems like the 80’s were the golden era of rock Christmas songs, so we figure, ‘why not?’ We love them, you love them, everyone loves them!’  Here are some of best […]


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The Killers Voted ‘Weirdest Song Lyrics’ in BBC Survey

By Jordy Altman Are we human or are we dancer or are we out of our f***ing mind? In a new survey conducted by the online streaming service Blinkbox Music, over 2,000 adults voted for […]


WHAM! Last Christmas Voted Worst Of All Time

It’s a tough holiday when your favorite band gets awarded for writing the “Worst Christmas Song Of All Time.” So it goes. WHAM! wins the 2010 award for their song “Last Christmas” – would you […]


George Michael Befriends Cell Mate, Finds New Bodyguard?

“Well I guess it would be nice If I could touch your body(guard) I know not everybody Has got a body(guard) like you…” Do you like the new lyrics? We do. It seems that “Faith” […]


George Michael Arrested After Crashing Through Store Front

After a series of bad life choices over the years, [lastfm]George Michael[/lastfm] has hit an even lower low that makes [lastfm]Lindsay Lohan[/lastfm] look tame.  The former [lastfm]Wham![/lastfm] superstar added another arrest to his already lengthy tally […]


This Day In Music History: George Michael’s Potty Talk

Lead singer for the 80s pop group Wham!, George Michael was caught with his pants down in a public restroom for committing a lewd act with an undercover police officer.  And no, it was not […]