What’s That Song?

Ask Tami: What’s That Song? “Casinos and Responsibility”

hey my name is john i was driving this morning at 1 am from the casino and i heard this sog on jack fm 93.1 and its a male singer and some of the lyrics […]


What’s That Song? Ask Tami: Grey Slacks And A Purple Dress Shirt

Hello Tami, My name is Juan Garcia and I would like to know if you can help me figure out the name of the song/band that was playing at exactly 6:39PM on August 26th, 2010. […]


What’s That Song? Ask Tami: “All Of The Love That I’ve Found”

Tami! I Need Song Help! I heard a song on Monday August 16th at around 12pm….some of the words were “…all of the love that I’ve found…”    What is the name of that song?? Thanks, […]


What’s That Song? Ask Tami: “Time Of Your Life”

It played today (8-11-10) at 10:45 AM. Lyrics were like ‘I hope you had the best time of your life’…. Doug


What’s That Song? Ask Tami: “Breathe Out, So I Can Breathe You In”

Dear Tami! I feel really dumb for asking this because I should know the artist and name of this song.  I hear it and I love it and it’s embarrassing that I don’t know it. […]


What’s That Song? — Ask Tami: “Moi moi moi moi”

Hello Tami. I was driving home from Tulalip listening to Jack FM when this French sounding rock song came on sometime between 1:00 and 2:00 pm. The guitar was relatively twangy, yet, like any punk song, was distorted […]


Ask Tami, What’s That Song? “Not Sure Of The Lyrics”

Hello Tami, There was a song played yesterday at the top of the 5 pm hour. It sounded like an 80’s rock band. I’m not to sure on some of the lyrics. Thanks for your […]


What’s That Song? Ask Tami!

So you’re looking for info about a song you hear on Jack FM.   I can do a song search for you, but I need this info first.