What’s That Song

Duran Duran Save a Prayer

Duran Duran – “Save A Prayer”

Hi tami. I heard this song today this early morning before heading to work around 5:20am lyrics that I remember… “rain keeps dropping rain keeps dropping” it was male vocals I’m sure it was an […]


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King Of Leon – “Sex On Fire”

there was a song played yesterday right around 330 but is not listed in the last played song section. PLEASE help a brother out :) slower song sorta [lastfm link_type=”similar_artist_radio”]Bruce Springsteen[/lastfm] ish but not him or […]


Violent Femmes Add It Up

Violent Femmes – “Add It Up”

Hey you guys! Heard an awesome song at 6:30 pm (or so). Can’t wait to hear again. Can you help me find it? Dan


til tuesday voices carry what's that song

‘Til Tuesday – “Voices Carry”

I heard this song @ about 8:45am , I don’t know what song played before or after but at first I thought it was the Pretenders or Pat Benatar. Could u help me out? It […]


Guns N' Roses November-Rain

Guns N’ Roses – “November Rain”

oh man oh man I meant 8:40 – 8:50 AM. Something about rain? I like rain. -Rain Guy


Love And Rockets So Alive

[What’s That Song?] Love And Rockets – “So Alive”

I LOVE JACK FM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP….DO YOU KNOW WHAT SONG HAS SOME OF THE FOLLOWING WORDS…. I’m in love and it’s all because of you…I’m in love…. ( repeated a lot in song) and it […]


Greg Kihn Band

[What’s That Song?] Greg Kihn Band – “The Breakup Song”

Heard approximately 3:45 p.m.? From the 80’s I think. Some of the words are, “They don’t ride (or write) like they used to”. I have been trying to find this song for years. When I […]


Jet Are You Gonna Be My Girl

[What’s That Song?] Jet – “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?”

Hi there, I hope I’ve got the right station. There was a song my daughter liked at around 8:40 am, rock song, something about a girlfriend. The next song was “Dirty Deeds” by [lastfm link_type=”similar_artist_radio”]AC/DC[/lastfm] Thanks, […]


Peter Murphy

[What’s That Song?] Peter Murphy- “Cuts You Up”

There was a song played about 09:35… some of the lyrics are I believe are do you like the way to twist and shout and do you know the way. A male singer from the […]


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[What’s That Song?] The Cure – “Close To Me”

Hello Tami… I heard this song on the station when I was driving my son to school this morning. It was on at around 8:03 am and it sounded like it might have been a […]