Wheel Of Fortune

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Amazing ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant Solves Puzzle With One Letter

By Britt Bickel  Talk about an amazing win! Wheel of Fortunecontestant Matt DeSanto wowed viewers on Friday night’s episode with his unbelievable one-letter solve. Only given the category theme of ‘character’ and the letter ‘E,’ […]


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Watch Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Solve Impossible Final Puzzle

Wheel Of Fortune has been on air for 30+ years, so when host Pat Sajak says this is the most amazing puzzle solve he’s ever witnessed, you KNOW it’s a big deal. Video of contestant […]



The What What Show – February 10, 2012

Sticker Pimp Phil tells it like it is.


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Pat Sajak and Vanna White Spin For Margaritas During Wheel Of Fortune

_UMBO LIME M_RG_RIT_? * Sources close to Jack FM have told us that back in the day, Pat Sajak and Ms. Vanna White used to drunkenly host Wheel of Fortune after booze-fueled dinner breaks.


Most Amazing Solve In Wheel Of Fortune History

Just when we thought that game shows couldn’t get any more boring… they have to go and do something like this. Does anybody even still watch Wheel Of Fortune? We’re die-hard Let’s Make A Deal […]