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10 Best Things To Dip In Chocolate For Valentine’s Day

The cliché of Valentine’s Day (that rhymed), is that one devours a massive amount of sweets appropriately known as aphrodisiacs. Chocolate covered strawberries may be the most well-known chocolate-dipped indulgence, but here at Jack we […]


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Elevator Gets Lined With Lickable Wallpaper

Those crafty Brits! They come up with everything cool: British accents, Austin Powers, Led Zeppelin… And now they’re using flavored wallpaper in company elevators. Who cares about tongue bacteria when your work elevator tastes like […]


Willy Wonka’s Three-Course Gum To Become Reality!

Stride gum has a wonderful new flavor. It’s called Shift – a gum that takes your mouth through a magical journey, first tasting like citrus and then shifting to a fresh minty breeze. Not the greatest combination in […]


Willy Wonka is Blowing Up the Interwebs

We always thought Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was a pretty perverse, creepy movie (which is obviously why we loved it), so it is no surprise that some sneaky, sick little mind made this […]