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Calif. Assembly Approves Beer And Wine At Hair Salons

SACRAMENTO (AP) — The California Assembly has approved legislation that would make it legal for hair salons and barbershops to offer customers free beer and wine. Assemblyman Tom Daly, a Democrat from Anaheim, says many […]


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Lawsuit Alleges Wineries Failed To Warn Consumers Of Arsenic-Tainted Wine

LOS ANGELES ( — A proposed class action lawsuit alleges consumers face a serious health threat from dozens of California wineries due to “extremely elevated” levels of poisonous inorganic arsenic, attorneys announced Thursday. The complaint […]


A woman drinks a glass of wine. (credit: MAXIM MALINOVSKY/AFP/Getty Images)

Study: People Look More Attractive After 1 Drink, But Not 2

ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) – People will appear better looking to you after you’ve had a drink, a new studyfinds, but the same can’t be said after a second drink is consumed. Participants in the study […]


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Santa Will Never Find Our Secret, Hidden House

OK, OK. We’ll concede that you may know that we work in a dumpy little building in beautiful Downtown Culver City… but we’ll never tell you where we live. It’s secret. It’s serene. It’s none […]


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[JACK-tivity Of The Week] OC Beer Week Kicks Off With Beers Aplenty

Good food and better beer. What more do you want? The Orange Country Restaurant Association kicks off their Beer Week with an announcement featuring over 80 different eateries and cafes. The weeklong event pairs the […]


Wal-Mart Invades Lives With Wine Vending Machines

Ladies, pack up your things! Gentlemen, grab the pick-up! Thanks to Wal-Mart, we can finally consolidate all of the day’s errands into one convenient stop! Remember when we said we had to stop by Marty’s […]