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News Study: Women Who Sleep More Have More Sex

ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) – Women who sleep more tend to have more sex, a new study finds. Researchers assessed 171 college-age women’s sleep patterns for 14 consecutive days and reported whether they had sexual activity […]



Study: Men Prefer Curvy Women Due To Evolution

AUSTIN, Tex. (CBS Houston) – Men prefer curvy women, a new study finds. Researchers from The University of Texas at Austin analyzed men’s mate preferences for women and found that men prefer a woman with […]


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Researchers Say They’ve Figured Out Which Dance Moves Attract Women

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Single men heading to the bars this weekend might want to take note of this new study. Researchers in Germany and the U.K. say they have pinpointed the types of dance moves […]


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Half Of Women In A Relationship Have A ‘Plan B’

By Chelsea Karnash PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It’s always good to have a backup plan, but what about when it comes to your marriage? A new poll from British company OnePoll.com claims that half of all […]


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Study: Hungry Men Attracted To Bigger Women

ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) – According to a recent study, both men and women are more likely to be attracted to larger people when they go out on an empty stomach. Researchers found that men will choose […]


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Kings of Leon Want Their Fans To Get Naked

By Nadia Noir Dude, having a Victoria’s Secret model as a wife is not enough? Kings of Leon might be “boring” married men at this point, but their sex is still very much on fire. […]


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Women Wake Up On ‘Wrong Side Of Bed’ More Than Men

Ever woken up next to your usually lovely, or at least not monstrous, wife and feared for your life instead of asking for some early mornin’ loving? Well, you’re not alone. A Duke University survey […]


Ikea Manland

[JACKed Up Video] IKEA Offers Men MANLAND

The furniture store with the best hotdogs finds new ways to raise the bar. Introducing…. MANLAND, for the man who hates to shop but has a girlfriend who drags him along. Whipppsssh!


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On July 10, 2011 the Women’s US Soccer team was down 2-1 vs. Brazil. Then, in the 122-minute of play, a miracle happened:


Ladies! Why Won’t You Enter Our Man Cave?

Ladies, of course you can enter to win the Man Cave! Just because our machismo clouds our testosterone-fueled-eyeballs doesn’t mean our prizes are strictly masculine. After all, if you win that kegerator, you could definitely […]