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Richard Simmons Teaches Class With Alice Cooper Make-Up

By Nadia Noir Charming chubby chaser, Richard Simmons, is renowned for making big girls feel beautiful and dressing in skimpy little work-out ensembles that are borderline costume-y. But our favorite cardio guru went from Jane […]


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How to Work Out (like a Jerk)

Everyone knows that having muscles is a surefire way to get the ladies (definitely don’t try to get smart). When I go to the gym I see guys doing all of the wrong moves on […]


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Texas Woman Sues LA Fitness Over Crude Exercises

Hurting for money? You could try getting a refund for your gym membership due to “sexual harassment” claims. According to Yahoo News, Dallas woman Jamie Johnson filed a lawsuit against Fitness International LLC, also known […]


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Ten Songs That Will Jack You Up For Jack’s Muscle Madness

Hey meathead! The time has come… for JACK’S…  MUSCLE… MADNESS! Turn up the volume on that boombox, i-dock, (whatever) and allow these monster jams to provide the perfect soundtrack while you bulk up for Jack’s […]


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Jack’s Top 5 Post Workout Activities for Strong Muscles

We’ve been pumping iron for Jack’s Muscle Madness for about…one day now. And in that one day of heavy lifting and awkward straining faces, we’ve figured out some fun things to do post-workout. Get ready […]