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#KidsTheseDays: Fresno College Student Caught Having Sex With Sheep

By Nadia Noir A Fresno College student has it baaaaaaa-d and that ain’t good. In a grotesque form of stress relief, LAist is reporting that a stressed out 23-year-old Central Valley computer engineering student got […]


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5 Super Los Angeles Campaigns Currently On Kickstarter

By Nadia Noir What do you get a picky Angeleno for the holidays? How about something so rare, it might not actually exist yet? Kickstarter helps back people’s dreams from all over the world, but […]


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#WTF: Woman Wearing “I Love Crystal Meth” T-Shirt Gets Arrested For Crystal Meth

By Jordy Altman It’s the wardrobe tweeking tweeted around the world. In Laurel County, Kent., a woman has been arrested on meth charges… while wearing a black t-shirt with the words, “I love crystal meth” […]


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#WTF: Man Dressed As Grim Reaper Stabs SoCal Woman In Her Home

By Nadia Noir  Creeptastic clowns wandering around Kern County, a beheaded women being dragged down the street, Hello Kitty everything. Halloween has been pretty strange this year and this story really takes the, ummm, candy corn […]



Kids These Days: 5 College Students Arrested After Allegedly Stealing Plants From Alhambra Residents For Frat Party

ALHAMBRA ( — Several college students were arrested overnight after allegedly stealing plants and lawn ornaments from at least one Alhambra resident to use as decorations at a fraternity party, police said Wednesday. The crime occurred in […]



Funeral Home Offers Drive-Thru Window for Viewing Deceased

By Jordy Altman Funeral Home Drive-Thru: just a step away from the dollar menu… Has science gone too far? Just this week, the Saginaw News in Saginaw, Mich. reported a brand new extension on their […]


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Naked Woman Breaks Legs In Carpool Threesome (NSFW)

By Jordy Altman Just because you’re wearing a condom doesn’t make it “safe.” Last week in Wenzhou, China, one man riding in a car with two women called for emergency services after their car rolled […]


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Have You Ever Seen A Duck Stampede? It’s Freakin’ Weird.

By Nadia Noir One duck. Cute. A few ducks waddling down the street? Adorable. A bunch of ducks flying through the air in an awesome formation? A majestic example of nature’s art. But a stampede […]


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#WTF: Corey Feldman Releases Weird Yet Wonderful Video Called ‘Duh’

By Nadia Noir Friday, Friday. Time to get down on Friday. And if Corey Feldman‘s absurdly amazing video for “DUH!” doesn’t elicit some dramatic reaction in your, whether good or bad, you have no soul. […]


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#WTF: Old Spice Website Has Hair Playing Huey Lewis Songs

By Nadia Noir Normally, we share our #WTF’s for Wednesday but Old Spice outweirded JACK FM this morning, which we think is a first. The man’s cosmetic company, most known for its swarthy-scents that supposedly […]




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