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#WTF: You Can Get A Singing Card From Your Deceased Pet [Video]

By Nadia Noir Some people stuff their pets; some people call pet psychics. Others just commemorate their furry bestie by putting up a memorial Facebook for their precious beastie. And, some, enlist to make […]


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#WTF: Woman Slaps Grandmother IRL For Denying Facebook Friendship Request

By Nadia Noir We’ve heard about poking someone if they won’t respond to your Facebook messages or requests. It’s a real “slap in the face” to get ignored by someone you thought was you IRL […]


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#KidsTheseDays: Fresno College Student Caught Having Sex With Sheep

By Nadia Noir A Fresno College student has it baaaaaaa-d and that ain’t good. In a grotesque form of stress relief, LAist is reporting that a stressed out 23-year-old Central Valley computer engineering student got […]


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5 Super Los Angeles Campaigns Currently On Kickstarter

By Nadia Noir What do you get a picky Angeleno for the holidays? How about something so rare, it might not actually exist yet? Kickstarter helps back people’s dreams from all over the world, but […]


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#WTF: Woman Wearing “I Love Crystal Meth” T-Shirt Gets Arrested For Crystal Meth

By Jordy Altman It’s the wardrobe tweeking tweeted around the world. In Laurel County, Kent., a woman has been arrested on meth charges… while wearing a black t-shirt with the words, “I love crystal meth” […]


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#WTF: Man Dressed As Grim Reaper Stabs SoCal Woman In Her Home

By Nadia Noir  Creeptastic clowns wandering around Kern County, a beheaded women being dragged down the street, Hello Kitty everything. Halloween has been pretty strange this year and this story really takes the, ummm, candy corn […]



Kids These Days: 5 College Students Arrested After Allegedly Stealing Plants From Alhambra Residents For Frat Party

ALHAMBRA ( — Several college students were arrested overnight after allegedly stealing plants and lawn ornaments from at least one Alhambra resident to use as decorations at a fraternity party, police said Wednesday. The crime occurred in […]



Funeral Home Offers Drive-Thru Window for Viewing Deceased

By Jordy Altman Funeral Home Drive-Thru: just a step away from the dollar menu… Has science gone too far? Just this week, the Saginaw News in Saginaw, Mich. reported a brand new extension on their […]


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Naked Woman Breaks Legs In Carpool Threesome (NSFW)

By Jordy Altman Just because you’re wearing a condom doesn’t make it “safe.” Last week in Wenzhou, China, one man riding in a car with two women called for emergency services after their car rolled […]


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Have You Ever Seen A Duck Stampede? It’s Freakin’ Weird.

By Nadia Noir One duck. Cute. A few ducks waddling down the street? Adorable. A bunch of ducks flying through the air in an awesome formation? A majestic example of nature’s art. But a stampede […]