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The War on Yoga Pants Is Stupid

There are lawmakers all across our country trying to put a ban on the tight fitted, somewhat revealing stretchy pants that seem to be everywhere!


Musician Britney Spears and friend drive through In-N-Out Burger on February 27, 2003 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Mel Bouzad/Getty Images)

8 Things Los Angeles Transplants Always Do

By Vanessa Payes Los Angeles is one of the most energized cities in all of the United States. This multi-cultural mecca and entertainment hub affords countless hopefuls from all over the world a chance at […]


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Beverly Hills Woman Swaps Candy For Live Worms This Halloween

BEVERLY HILLS ( — Trick-or-treaters may receive an unconventional treat Friday when they stop by Rainbeau Mars’ house. The Beverly Hills resident says she plans to pass out live worms for Halloween as opposed to […]


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Why Do Yoga When You Can Eat A McRib Sandwhich?

To add to the list of pointlessly gross but decidedly delicious things that McDonald’s gets the human race to mindlessly consume, the fast food chain likes to debut its infamous McRib sandwich around autumn. Something […]