HORROR-SCOPES!! December 8th-15th

Oh Sagittarius. What do the stars have in store for you? And the rest of you for that matter? Only Dr. Cranfill knows and he tells all in this weeks installment of, HORROR-SCOPES!!!


Horror-scopes!! Nov. 24th-Dec.2nd

              We have reached the SAGITTARIUS part of the zodiac cycle. What do the stars portend? Who knows but Dr. Cranfill will damn sure hazard a guess..



We are in the time of the SCORPION. What does the future hold for you Scorpio’s and the rest of us? Only Dr. Cranfill knows in this weeks installment of HORROR-SCOPES…


HORROR-SCOPES!!! Oct. 21st-28th

                    As we approach the end of the Libra cycle and look forward to the time of Scorpio, Dr. Cranfill has some very important messages for you all in this weeks installment of HORROR-SCOPES….


HORROR-SCOPES!!! Oct. 11-17th

Dr. Cranfill’s HORROR-SCOPES are becoming legendary. At least that’s what he tells us. Check out what is in store for you and your sign by checking out this week’s HORROR-SCOPES….


Dr. Cranfill’s HORRORSCOPES (Sept.30-Oct.8)

We have moved into the time of LIBRA ladies and jellyspoons. What do the stars and planets have in store for you and yours? Only one way to find out. Heed the words of Dr. […]


Horror-scopes!! August 28- Sept. 5th

We are now in the time of VIRGO, the virgin. All POWER SONGS this week are from JACK Show alumni. See what Dr. Cranfill foresees for your sign in this weeks HORRORSCOPES….


Horrorscopes August 3rd-11th

We are smack dab in the middle of the time of LEO. What awaits you Leo’s and the rest of the zodiac circle? Only Dr. Cranfill knows. Lucky for us, he reveals all in this […]


HORRORSCOPES!!! July 14-July 22

                   As we near the end of the CANCER cycle, what do Dr. Cranfill’s HORRORSCOPES hold in store for us? Only one way to find out for sure. Read more to get your signs HORRORSCOPE!!!


Horror-scopes!! (Mar.23-29)

We’ve arrived in the time of Aries. THE RAM. The first sign of the zodiac. See what Dr. Cranfill’s horrorscopes have in store for you this week…