Jack's 5th Show dance off

6 People We’d Like To See In The Audience Of Jack’s 6th Show

Jack’s Sixth Show is coming up, and you know the people who are going to be on stage.  But what about the people in the audience?  Here’s 6 people I would like to see in […]


Walking Dead Season 2 TEASER TRAILER

HELLS, YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!! Check out the teaser trailer for Season 2 of AMC’s the Walking Dead. (If you are squeamish, this trailer is probably not for you. Rated D for Disturbingly Violent)…..


Helldriver May Be The Best Zombie Movie You Haven’t Seen

We found the ultimate zombie movie! Without giving too much away (the preview clip can be seen after the jump), Helldriver looks to be a fantastic zombie romp. It has all the necessary accoutrement – […]


Walking Dead Resurrects for Season Two on AMC

ZOMBIES! BLOOD! GUNS! HORSES! TANKS! Wait, what? Horses and tanks? If you’re curious as to what zombie format weaves these beautiful creatures into their¬†narrative, then you haven’t set eyes on the newest resurrection of zombie […]


Zombies Hit AMC With “The Walking Dead” Trailer Premiere

If the barrage of zombie films hasn’t been enough for you, get ready for the genre to hit the small screen with AMC’s production of the comic The Walking Dead.¬† Check out it’s trailer!


Brad Pitt Knows About Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse

In Case Of Imminent Zombie Attack: Step Number 1: Give up all your worldly possessions and head for the hills. Step Number 2: Drink until in a rage then grab a bat and start swinging […]